by Gemma Hazen

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Moisturizing Salve

The following recipe is what I use as a nightly moisturizer. Beeswax helps to create a nice barrier that keeps germs out, and moisture in!  Sunflower oil is non-comedogenic, and this recipe has been one of the easiest and most effective fixes for my acne-prone skin.  I will also add essential oils to my mix.  My favorite is a blend of rose and sweet orange.  Use a scale to weigh it out!

5 grams Beeswax

45 grams Sunflower oil

10 drops essential oils of choice

Melt. Combine.

Cool in final container.

This mix is solid at room temperature which I like.  I just dig a little out, warm it up in my hands and spread on my face.   I suggest it for night use, as it can take a while to soak in.  However, for me personally (everyone is different), this is my everyday moisturizer under makeup too.  I just put way more on at night for a real skin boost the next day.


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