by Gemma Hazen

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“Popo’s Ola’a Beauties” aka Torenia

Wanted to post this to my Instagram, but it’s a secret house-warming gift for my cousin. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t check on my page here often, so I don’t think I’ll ruin the surprise by posting it here.

Our Popo, or Grandmother, used to grow these in her yard for lei making. Paired with Ilima, she would make the MOST beautiful rope Lei for special occasions. One of the last & only ones she made specifically for me was when I graduated high school. It was also the day my dad died. It was a long time ago.

I also have memories of my first cat jumping and playing through the flower bed. We’d call them Ola’a Beauty jumps after the flower. She’s since passed too.

One day, I hope to grow enough of these little flowers to make a lei of my own!

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