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Some favorites from Oct on Instagram…. so far

I am once again participating in Mab Graves’ spooky October art club on Instagram! It’s cutely called Mab’s Drawlloween Club, and I’ve tried to do it for a few years now. For each day of October, there is a #prompt to create from. So over the course of 31 days, you make all sorts of creepy, sometimes cute creations and post them online. From the very first year that I participated, the community support has been awesome. I would FULLY recommend checking it out and even participating!

So, in the past years, I kept up until about Day 13 or so… finally burning out on the daily pressure I’d put on myself to make something good. Now drawing for months after… I’m sooooo moooooody! This year feels different. Not trying to jinx myself here, but I really do think that I’ll make all 31 days, even if a few days late on some. I’m also posting things that aren’t perfect. Or aren’t even in “my style”, like, I wouldn’t personally click “like” on them. Sigh. But, hey! As it turns out… some people really dig em! And I’ll share some here that I really LIKE.

You can follow me on Instagram here. You know, check in to see if I make it to the end….

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