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Hi all! I’ve finally buried my Bokashi! I let it do it’s final ferment waaaay over two weeks. It was raining a bit, I was lazy a lot, and some other life things kept getting in the way of this step. Luckily, you can let Step 2 sit a while and it just sort of … stays. I think this is one of my favorite things about the Bokashi system – you can get lazy with it. It’s not at all like a compost pile that you have to turn daily. As long as I was emptying the tea every other day or so, it was ALL good. By last weekend, however, I was just getting scared to bury it. I had smelled some bad tea along the way and I WAS TERRIFIED THAT THIS STEP WAS GOING TO SMELL LIKE TRASH!!!! Here’s a quick video of the tea pouring out.


So, TODAY WAS THE DAY. I weeded the garden bed yesterday and I had to get over it and just DO IT!

Dug some shallow ditches to BURY the BOKASHI PICKLES in.
There’s the stuff!
Remember, white mold on top means everything is
going WELL.
The egg yolks were super mushy, the rice and sweet potato peels were all gone. Lots of orange peels remain. What happened to all the egg shells?
I covered up the pickles, and had an
extra bag of potting soil lying around since pre-pandemic, so I threw that on top!

NOW, we wait ANOTHER 2 weeks! This is when our diverted food-waste turns back into the soil, making best use of the other-wise wasted nutrients we usually let rot in our trash. I can honestly say that I miss taking my egg and veggie peels out to the Bokashi bin every day. And when I see myself put those peels into the trash bin simply because that’s our culture (and because I need to purchase more Bokashi bran), it makes me feel wasteful. I’m super excited to start this whole process again!

During these two weeks (or more) I’ll take more videos of what’s happening underground. I’ll post them to a FINAL (for now, at least) entry in this Bokashi Journal of mine. Thanks for following along!

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