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Lucky Lani Rose

Lokelani Rose + Maneki Neko = Lucky Lani Rose

This is for an upcoming project I can’t wait to spill about. It will be the first time I’m actually “showing” my art. I’m thinking to do a couple of embroidery pieces, some printed digital art and probably some nesting dolls.

I’m wrestling with the fact that I don’t have a very good idea of what I WANT my art to look like, so I always feel like I’m trying to fit into boxes that will please the audience. I’m sure that’s fine. And maybe over time my style will find it’s way to shine through. Until then, I just have to make some stuff and be brave and turn it into the proper people on time.

This cute image will possibly be used as a print for the show. I’m thinking of adding some black leaves behind the rose. One large question remains… is it okay to have a professionally printed art piece at a show? Should I try to make an original based on this print?

Time ticks by and I procrastinate by journaling instead of painting. Knowing me, I will keep these distractions up until the last minute when I will lose my mind and the art will gel into place.

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  1. Do you have time to do both???
    Some people prefer only originals and those who are wallet-conscious but love the piece will buy the print.
    Sleep on it … and do what’s best for you!

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