by Gemma Hazen

day 1 | SPOOKY SELFIE | October Daily drawing challenge

The prompt I used for Day #1 was “SPOOKY SELFIE” as part of Mab Graves’ “Mab’s Drawlloween Club. I’ve mostly stuck to these prompts during October over the years – they are Cute n Creepy, just like I like it.

So, I started this drawing by taking a selfie in black and white. As I drew it, I started to think about the story I heard about the mice of Marion Island. It’s pretty gnarly. Apparently, since the weather has gotten warmer, the mouse population on Marion Island has gotten – out of hand. Due to lack of other food sources, the mice are now feeding on the Albatross chicks that nest there. Because the Albatross lack the natural instinct to kill the mice, the Albatross are being eaten alive. More info can be found at

So, I wasn’t sure how to make my ink self-portrait – ‘creepy’. That is until I thought of having a mouse eat my scalp because I’m just too damned tired to do anything about it. It’s October y’all!