adapted from Oh, the Things We’ll Make recipe found here. I CONSTANTLY reference this recipe as it is thorough, easy to accurately measure, and it works for me!! I have learned so much by reading her page. I even saw future recipes that I need to try when making sure to link to her here.

*I really like to weigh my ingredients. All recipes – baking, cosmetic or otherwise – will benefit from weighing your ingredients out. *

33g distilled water
15 g sunflower oil
3 g Olivem
0.5 g beeswax
3.5 g Leucidal

6 drops Australian Sandalwood
4 drops Rose Absolute
3 drops Brazilian Orange

This recipe is for my personal reference.

Instant Pot CannaButter

Eating buds will not affect me, unless I eat a LOT. This recipe is INTENSE. I started out by using 1/10 of an ounce. I ended up on 1/4 of an ounce by my third recipe. That being said, YES! I’ve found my dose!

In a mason jar that fits in your instant pot...
0.25 oz buds, ground finely
Cover the jar loosely, place in instant pot.
Slow cook it, no pressure for 30-45 minutes. Until the buds look a little darker and smell piney!
Sometimes, I'll shake the jar couple times during the process so ensure even heating.
Because you aren't using pressure, it's safe to open the pot 8).
1 stick (8 oz) of butter
Cover your mason jar loosely and place in the instant pot again, with 1 cup of water added to the pot surrounding the jar.
PRESSURE COOK for 30 minutes and natural release! You need water in the pot to bring it up to pressure... just saying 8)

On a wire rack

I use 2 layers of cheesecloth to strain the butter from the buds.

You're done! You can save the confit buds if you want, too!

Shampoo Bar v 1.0

5 oz. bar of Dr Bronners, shredded fine
Set aside

1 oz coconut oil
1 oz shea butter
0.125 oz cocoa butter
0.124 oz beezwax
Melt together.

Add shredded soap in small amounts.

Add 1 Tbsp lemon juice

Add 1 Tbsp boiling water

Stir until well combined.

Add essential oils


Add to molds lined with wrap. Cool and cure for a few days

This experiment turned out well.  I’m happy to use the bars!  Not a lot of lather, but my hair is cleaned and conditioned!  It also rinses very easily.  The bar dries well overnight on the counter, then I put it in a tin for keeping.  Smells great – I used Rosemary and Mint essential oils.    I will make this again and give it out to friends for more opinions.  Also thinking of lowering the added oils content to see if it helps it lather better.

Moisturizing Salve

The following recipe is what I use as a nightly moisturizer. Beeswax helps to create a nice barrier that keeps germs out, and moisture in!  Sunflower oil is non-comedogenic, and this recipe has been one of the easiest and most effective fixes for my acne-prone skin.  I will also add essential oils to my mix.  My favorite is a blend of rose and sweet orange.  Use a scale to weigh it out!