THANK YOU!!! (and 15% OFF)

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made it out today to the Mud Hen Water Bazaar! I really appreciate ALL of the support!

I will continue to offer items for sale on my ETSY!!

ALSO, for the month of DECEMBER, if you buy more than one item on the MOSSLIKE Etsy shop, you’ll receive a 15% discount. If you spend over $35, domestic shipping is FREE!

Gardenia Solid Perfume

Coming up this Saturday! 11/30

The #towntribe BAZAAR @ Mud Hen Water! From 9:30-2:30

I’ll be selling all sorts of random stuff I like to make: Embroidered hats, Gardenia Perfume, Cat-themed holiday cards, some art prints and more!

Come say hi!!!


Just ordered my 2019 series of Holiday Cards. They are CAT themed. I love them!

I’ll start by selling them at my next event:

November 30, 2019
9:30 am - 2:30 pm
@ the MUD HEN WATER lanai


If they do well, I’ll probably put some up on ETSY!

Thanks for looking 8)

New plants from recent show

Went to the recent Kunia Orchid Association show and picked out a few new plants.  Re-named by Vee for our collection. 

Upsy Plumsy

Den. Little Atro


Epidendrum Miracle Valley ‘Aiko’

Candy Stripes

Phal. Taida King’s Caroline ‘Taida Little Zebra’


We are going to call this plant Wallace.

Because it’s one of the two large orchids given to me by my aunt BB about a year ago, from my late grandma’s collection.  I named the other one Kamila, after my Popo, Margaret Kamila Yuen.  This one is Wallace, after my Goong Goong, Wallace Lin Chew Yuen. 

With some help from r/orchids on Reddit, I’ve found the possible ID of this plant, Epidendrum ciliare, or now, Coilostylis ciliaris.  This forum has helped me with ALL of my orchid concerns.  Do find some general help online first though.