MANEKI NEKO 2021 @ fishcake hawaii


I’m so excited to share that I will be showing my art for the very first time in a gallery!!! WHAT?!? Here’s the official flyer. I really wasn’t sure about posting anything until I saw my name was on this thing 8)))

Super thankful to my friend, Cade Roster, for inviting me along. DUDE! SO EXCITED!

Check out my entries to the show below. I’ll also include some personal notes about the pieces. 8)


Nesting doll notes

I like making nesting dolls…
Mermaid 2019 Dragon 2019 Dragon 2019 Dragon 2019

Embroidery notes

80s: My Popo taught me embroidery when I was a kid and I’d spend summers at her house with my cousins. We kids didn’t watch too much TV because it was always playing Ben Hur, or other Charlton Heston movies while Popo sat and crocheted or did her cross-stich. She also taught me gardening, orchids, piano, how to make her coffee with lots of evaporated milk, and how to light cigarettes (because her hands were dirty from weeding). She was tiny though well-known as a nurse, Hawaiian church minister and choir leader who loved us kids.
early 1900s: My Gung Gung’s mom (Tai Tai?) sewed buttons as a widow to survive with her 7 children until my Gung Gung was old enough to drop out of high school and help work to support his brothers and sister. He was a mechanic at Pearl Harbor when December 7th, 1941 rolled around.
1860: The embroidery centered above is my 2nd Great-Grandmother’s sampler that she had made at Free St. John’s School in Montrose, Scotland. I wish I knew more about her, like how old she was when she created this piece.

Painting notes

My Lazy Neko is based on a photo of my 14 year old cat. I imagine the Maneki Neko get tired of waving their paws, right?
Orchid Neko is for all those who have orchid-eating cats. *love*
Lucky Lani is based on some Lokelani roses that were blooming at my bestie’s pool.

Thank you so much for looking!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above pieces, please contact fishcake

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