orchid journal

  • Orchid Seed Pod
    ​#OrchidSeeds  Came out after running this morning to an open (partially) seed pod! In this video, I open it up all the way and you can see the MILLIONS of seeds contained within. How ever, orchids seeds are naked and created without their own nutrition or defense mechanism. They are meant to blow around … Read more
  • Popcorn Orchids
    When I was growing up, my Popo grew orchids. On one side of the house were the giant yellow Oncidium "Popcorn" orchids.  On the other side was the screen house with numerous Cattleya and Anthurium.  She hung old nylon stockings full of chicken manure in the screen house for fertilizing.  The popcorn flowers were grown … Read more
  • Repot/Divide Wallace
  • New plants from recent show
    Went to the recent Kunia Orchid Association show and picked out a few new plants.  Re-named by Vee for our collection.  Upsy Plumsy Den. Little Atro Vanessa  Epidendrum Miracle Valley 'Aiko' Candy Stripes Phal. Taida King's Caroline 'Taida Little Zebra'
  • In the garden today 2016-0214