by Gemma Hazen

Day 2 | Witch | October Daily Drawing Challenge

Love that Inky sheen….

This was supposed to be a ‘Witch’. I searched up the prompt on the Museum app (Sktchy inspiration) and found a super cute and creepy photo. Somehow my drawing changed into it’s own thing. It really reminds me of the Instagram user Tomatosita ‘s stuff. I’m a big fan. I must have been channeling those things that I love about their drawings. More of them here.

I should really try and copy some masters. I guess it’s easier if those masters are dead and gone and can no longer make anything for themselves. Or if those great master-pieces are so well known that it’s obviously just a copy to hone your skill or hang on your own wall. If I straight up just start copying some modern artists style – that just seems wrong. Honestly though, this kinda just came out this way. The algorithm hasn’t even shown me their art in a LONG time. I’ll have to go make some likes on their account again so it pops back up in my feed.

Anyways – I still like this drawing a lot. Even though it’s a rip-off (LOL) and NOT a witch, really.