Day 3 Portrait Practice

In the process video, you can see me pull up the Sktchy photo to check my proportions. I didn’t do too bad. Shortened the chin a bit. I still like the end product 🖤 I didn’t spend too much time on it either, because I really want to go and play Animal Crossing now, Ha!

Day 2 Portrait Practice

Done with ProCreate app off a Sktchy app photo.

Honestly, I’m not feeling it today! I got my run in this morning, did some work for the restaurants…. now I just wanna lay around and do nothing. Yay!

Going to try and do a daily #portrait using the #Sktchy app. Wish me luck!

Taking a challenge on for myself to do daily portrait practice. Since it’s a goal of mine to get better at drawing faces, this should help a lot!

The Sktchy app is pretty awesome. Tons of user selfies to draw from!! I’ve even posted a few pics of myself and got some really rad drawings completed by strangers of MY face!

Anyways, these two are from last night using Sktchy and Procreate, another of my favorite apps!

I hope you like them! Please come back to see if I’ve completed more dailies!